What Is The Best ATV Winch?

What Is The Best ATV Winch?

ATVs have become extremely popular during the last decade. They can be used for various activities where a standard motorbike would not be enough. Since ATVs are often used out in the fields where there regularly is a need for hoisting or hauling, ATV winches have been introduced. It can be used to haul loads or more importantly, a winch can help you get out of tough situations. Without a winch, it may be complicated and difficult to pull a stuck ATV out of mud, or there can be a hill, which is too steep for the ATV.

There are quite a few winches to choose from and the task of selecting the best ATV winch can therefore be quite complicated. But don’t panic, we are here to help and it’s the main reason why this website actually exits. We’ve gone through countless of ATV winch reviews to bring you the best rated ATV winches on the market.

Best 5 ATV Winches

Here are the 5 ATV winches we consider to be some of the best models available. Assess your needs and compare the features of the winches to select the best one for you.

  • Motor: 12V DC, 0.9 hp (0.7 kW) Permanent Magnet, Sealed
  • Line pull: 2500 lbs
  • Rope: 50' synthetic rope
  • Gearing: 3-stage planetary gear
  • Price: $$$$$
  • Motor: 12V DC, 1.6 hp weather-sealed permanent magnet motor
  • Line pull: 4500 lbs
  • Rope: 55' synthetic rope
  • Gearing: 3-stage planetary gear
  • Price: $$$$
  • Motor: 12V DC, .9 hp permanent magnet, Sealed
  • Line pull: 2500 lbs
  • Rope: 50' synthetic rope
  • Gearing: 3-stage planetary gear
  • Price: $$$$$
  • Motor: Sealed 1.2 HP permanent magnet
  • Line pull: 3000 lbs
  • Rope: 50' wire rope
  • Gearing: 1-Stage planetary / 136:1
  • Price: $$
  • Motor: 1 hp, 12V DC electric motor
  • Line pull: 2000 lbs
  • Rope: 50' galvanized wire rope
  • Gearing: All-metal planetary gear train
  • Price: $

How to choose the best ATV winch?

As we’ve already mentioned, choosing the right wench can be tricky. There are several factors you should consider when going for the best one.

One of the most important questions you should be asking is – Will the winch actually fit on my ATV? There’s not a lot we can do to help you as there countless ATVs, however you can use Amazon’s tool to find out whether the winch will fit or not.

There are also other factors to consider. Let’s go through them now.

Line pull

Line pull is an extremely important factor. It basically indicates how much weight can the winch pull. This is where your ATV weight comes into play as well. Obviously you would want to purchase a winch, which can pull the weight of your ATV including every cargo, and accessories it may carry. Generally speaking, you should go for capacity of 1.5 times the weight of your ATV.

If you are getting the winch to actually haul some cargo attached to the winch cable, you will have to adjust the calculations accordingly.

The pull weight varies with different models, but you can expect to be able to find winches that can carry between 1,500 to 5,000 pounds. Make sure calculate the required pull weight carefully to get the best ATV winch for your needs.

Also, there may be another factor coming in to play, and that is you be stuck somewhere in the mud. That means the winch will have to work harder to pull you out of the trouble. So it’s good idea to get slightly more powerful winch than your calculated need.

Rope material

When it comes to the cable or rope material, you basically have only two choices. You can either go for a steel cable or a synthetic one. What’s the difference?

Steel ropes tend to be stronger than synthetic materials, but it can be more dangerous in the case of it breaking. We mean fatal sort of dangerous, so choose wisely and don’t put your steel rope in the “never exceed” type of situations. Not only can it be dangerous for you, but it can also harm anyone else standing around. This by no means is supposed to persuade you to go for the synthetic version. Just be careful.

Synthetic ropes are not as dangerous but they are less durable and can suffer from various weather conditions such as high heat. Nowadays though the technology is so far ahead that it is highly unlikely for the synthetic rope to break due to weather. Another plus of these ropes is that they are considerably light.

Safety measures

Multiple safety measures can be built into the winch to protect the user and the winch itself. These include dynamic breaking and load holding to prevent rope slippage, circuit breaker, or a remote control. Remote control is especially handy because it will allow the operator to stay in safe distance.


Price is still an important factor for many people looking to buy an ATV winch. We can say the prices vary quite a lot and will largely depend on the brand a quality of the winch. As a general rule, be prepared to pay at least 150 bucks for a new ATV winch.

However since you are here hoping to find out which ATV winch is the best, you can clearly expect that the price will be much higher for the top of the line models. If you decide to go via the cheap route, you can be sorry in the future when the winch breaks apart in the worst possible moment. So choose wisely and go for the product with the best price-performance ratio.

Best 5 ATV Winches To Buy According to Reviews

Now that we have gone through the basic buying guide for ATV winches, we will take a look at some of the best-rated ATV winches available on the market. Most of the models have been chosen based on the customer reviews. If you want to read the customer reviews of these winches, click on the appropriate link, which will haul you over to Amazon.com.

Warn ProVantage 2500-S Winch 90251

Warn ProVantage 2500-SWarn is well known for making high quality winches and this model from the ProVantage line is no exception. It is one of the most popular winches on Amazon and it has received very positive reviews by the customers.

It is rated for 2,500 pounds and is fitted with 50-feet of 3/16 inch synthetic rope. The rope has double powder coated hawse fairlead and the company states it is one of the best ropes available.

Smooth and efficient operation is delivered by three-stage planetary gear train.

The winch is fully sealed to allow smooth operation even in the worst weather conditions.

It comes with limited lifetime warranty for the mechanical parts and 3-year warranty for the electrical parts.

If you need higher capacity, be sure that this line also features models that go up to 4,500 lbs.

Click here to buy this winch on Amazon!

Superwinch Terra 45 (1145230)

Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45Superwinch is another well-known brand in the world of winches. This model belonged to the best selling ATV winches on Amazon when this guide was being written. It is priced slightly lower than the Warn model mentioned earlier and it has higher capacity – whooping 4500 pounds.

The rope fitted to the winch is 55 feet long and 1/4″ diameter and it’s made of synthetic. It is winded on a Superwinch exclusive steel drum.

The winch is fitted with three-stage all steel planetary gear which is made twice as wide as gear by competition. Smooth operation is provided by 1.6 HP permanent magnet motor. It is powered a permanent connection to the ATV’s battery.

Limited lifetime warranty is provided for the mechanical parts and 1-year warranty is provided for the electrical parts.

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WARN XT25 Extreme Terrain 2500-lb Winch 75500

Warn XT25 Extreme Terrain WinchThis is an older and discontinued winch by Warn, but it can still be ordered online. It’s the predecessor of the ProVantage 2500 model, and can be sometimes bought slightly cheaper. At the time of writing it was even better rated than the ProVantage model.

It has a capacity of 2,500 pounds, and it’s fitted with 50 feet long synthetic rope. The power is supplied by a 0.9 HP permanent magnet motor.

The winch has a fully sealed construction, which will keep the elements out and protect the internals.

Just like other Warn models, this winch is covered by a limited lifetime warranty for the mechanical parts.

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Superwinch LT3000ATV (1130220)

Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATVThis is another good ATV winch by Superwinch. This time, it’s slightly cheaper model, which is rated for 3,000 lbs capacity and comes equipped with 50 feet wire rope.

A 1.2 HP permanent magnet motor delivers the power needed for pulling. Gearing is designed as 1-stage planetary gear with gear ratio of 136:1.

The winch is backed by 2-year limited warranty for the mechanical parts and 1-year warranty for the electrical parts.

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Keeper Corporation KT2000 Trakker Winch

Keeper Corporation KT2000To finish our list of recommended winches, we have chosen one model, which may not be the best out there, but it has surprisingly low price. While we cannot recommend it for extreme tasks, it can be successfully used for less difficult tasks such as snow plowing.

It is rated for 2,000 pounds and it is fitted with 50′ long 5/32″ galvanized wire rope.

The power is delivered by a 1 HP electric motor.

The inch utilizes a side mounted drum construction, which should prove useful when mounting in cramped spaces.

While it doesn’t have awe-inducing features, it may as well be the best value ATV winch available on the market with its low price.

Click here to buy this winch on Amazon!

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is provided to cover some of the most popular questions regarding ATV winches. If you cannot find an answer for your question here, be sure leave a comment or contact us via our Contact page. We will try to respond as quickly as possible. Now let’s get to the questions and answers.

What winch should I buy for my ATV?

Now this is a typical question, which cannot be answered in general. There are many aspects that come into play, and they all have to be evaluated. Please check the beginning of our guide and come back with more defined questions.

Which ATV winch brand is the best?

This is a difficult question to answer, but we can say there are quite a few great brands including Superwinch, Warn or KFI to name a few.

Should I save money and buy a no-name winch from eBay?

That depends entirely on your own decision. We wouldn’t advise you to do so unless you really know what you are getting.

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